For better or worse, we have all had experiences that enable us to understand that there is a difference in simply ‘getting by’ and ‘living your life’. We’ve all been there, where we’re scraping by or possibly living paycheck to paycheck just to keep the necessities and routines of daily life going. This may have occurred for you after college, when you were out on your own for the first time, managing how to balance the rent, car, and insurance payments that came on a monthly basis. Or maybe this getting by occurred when you became a parent for the first time, so consumed by love for your newborn, but overwhelmed by the financial responsibilities parenthood delivered.

At HomeChex, we understand that after a lifetime of saving money, stressful professions, and hard work, now is the perfect time to start living your life. This is your opportunity to enjoy the people and activities you’ve always planned to enjoy in your retirement years—it’s the time to spend days with family and friends, to get on the golf course, to fish the day away, and to enjoy any other countless activities you love. During this phase of your life, the last thing you need to be thinking about is “getting by”—you need to know that your finances are secure and in trusted hands.

That’s why your friends at HomeChex can guide you through the reverse mortgage process to ensure that your retirement years are properly focused on living your life to the fullest. A reverse mortgage allows you turn your home into a valuable financial tool that can get you through your future years in retirement. It’s called a reverse mortgage because the flow of payments is reversed from an ordinary mortgage. Cash is advanced to you to use as you see fit. Repayment is not required for as long as you live in your home – no matter how long that may be!

Stop scraping by and live out your retirement to the fullest! Call us today or send us a quote request to find out more about your reverse mortgage options!