HomeChex Reverse Mortgage is based in New YorkOur company is based in Upstate, New York and was one of the first providers of reverse mortgages in the country. We service all of New York State and have been doing reverse mortgages exclusively, for longer than any other firm in the State. We are pioneers in the industry and truly are reverse mortgage experts. We meet with our clients in person and provide solutions that are tailored to each individual circumstance.

Our experience with reverse mortgages is supplemented by years of experience in the financial and mortgage sectors in general. We are intimately familiar with local housing markets, as well as local practice and procedure. We’ve combined this knowledge and expertise to streamline the process of obtaining a reverse mortgage – so that it meets your needs, your timetable and your long term plan. Once you have decided that a reverse mortgage is for you, the same person manages the process from start to finish.

And best of all, we’re not a telemarketing call center, a mega-bank or mega-mortgage company where you’ll get lost among thousands of other customers and dozens of unneeded financial products. We’re located nearby — and reverse mortgages are all that we do. Our people are focused solely on reverse mortgages and have the industry expertise to consult with you regarding the options and choices. That’s why we do them better than anyone else.

Our company is also recognized as a leader within the industry in general. Nearly all reverse mortgages in America are the variety insured by the federal government through HUD. We are members of the Washington, D.C. based National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA), abide by its code of ethics and conduct, and are represented on the Board of Directors. Along with providing reverse mortgages to our clients, we have been active in shaping the industry as it evolves.